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M*A*S*H: Season 2

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===Story=== ''M*A*S*H'' redux. Sign up for another stint with the 4077th. This three-disc set contains all 24 episodes from the superb second season (1973-74) of the series ranked by ''TV Guide'' as among the top 25 television shows of all time. The season opener, "Divided We Stand," is a deft reintroduction to these now iconic characters: bleeding-heart surgeon Hawkeye Pearce (Alan Alda in his signature role), kindred misfit spirit Trapper John (Wayne Rogers), clueless administrator Henry Blake (McLean Stevenson), buttoned-up Frank Burns (Larry Linville), and unbuttoned head nurse "Hot Lips" (Loretta Swit). In this episode, a visiting psychiatrist evaluates the 4077th to determine whether the unit "can function as a team." His evaluation can serve as this series' mission statement: "These impossible people are in an impossible place doing totally impossible things. They're mad--quite mad." ''M*A*S*H'' experienced no sophomore slump from its Emmy Award-winning first season. It continued to subvert sitcom convention with multiple-story episodes such as "Radar's Report." Scenes in the operating room play without a laugh track (this DVD gives viewers the option of watching entire episodes minus the intrusive chuckles and guffaws). ''M*A*S*H'' also tackled such issues as racism ("Dear Dad... Three," "L.I.P.--Local Indigenous Personnel"), homophobia ("George"), and war atrocities (Hawkeye and Trapper try to get the Army to take responsibility for the accidental shelling of a South Korean village). Not that ''M*A*S*H'' forgot how to be funny. "Five O'Clock Charlie" and "For Want of a Boot" are strictly for laughs. Hawkeye and Hot Lips memorably exchange flu shots in "Carry On, Hawkeye." Loyal viewers will note the emergence of several supporting characters, including Jamie Farr's Klinger and William Christopher's Father Mulcahy. One also sees the (to some) unfortunate transformation of Gary Burghoff's savvy, crackerjack clerk Radar into a naïve innocent. Allan Arbus makes his first appearance as compassionate psychiatrist Dr. Sidney Friedman in "Radar's Report." This second-season set is representative of why ''M*A*S*H'' was a cut above. ''--Donald Liebenson''


Alan AldaCaptain Benjamin Franklin Pierce
Wayne RogersCaptain John McIntyre
McLean StevensonLt. Colonel Henry Blake
Loretta SwitMajor Margaret Houlihan
Larry LinvilleMajor Franklin Marion Burn
Gary BurghoffCorporal Walter Eugene O'Reilly
Jamie FarrCorporal Maxwell Q. Klinger
Herb VolandGen. Crandell Clayton
William ChristopherFather Francis Mulcahy
Allan ArbusMaj. Milton Freedman
Maggie RoswellSister Theresa
Burt YoungLt. Willis
Teri GarrLt. Suzanne Marquette
Pat MoritaCapt. Sam Pak
John RitterPvt. Carter
Clyde KusatsuKwang Duk

  • Genre: TV
  • Director:
  • Producer: Fox
  • Length: 613 min
  • Aspect ratio: 1.33:1
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaSep 15, 1973
  • DVD Release
    North AmericaJul 23, 2002
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