: : : Marshall Tucker Band: Live From The Garden State 1981

Marshall Tucker Band: Live From The Garden State 1981

===Story=== The Marshall Tucker Band was born in Spartanburg, S.C., when Doug Gray teamed up with brothers Tommy Caldwell and Toy Caldwell, Paul T. Riddle, George McCorckle and Jerry Eubanks. While there are various accounts of how they got their name, there is no confusion about their impact on the American music scene. MTB's homemade blend of rock, country and jazz was a creative watershed in Southern rock and featured acclaimed guitar solos by the band's premier songsmith, Toy Caldwell. The band found enormous success during the 1970s, with most of their albums going gold. In 1981 MTB filmed a live concert for broadcast on MTV. All original members performed except for Tommy Caldwell, who died in a car crash in 1980. The footage is a document to be treasured, capturing as it does a defining moment in the band's history - on the heels of tragedy, but at the top of their musical game. The audience went wild that night, and now you'll understand why. ===DVD Features=== #Which One Is Marshall Tucker? - A Film by Daniel Meisner #The Story Of The Band
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