: : : Mansion Of The Doomed
===Story=== World-reknowned eye surgeon Dr. Chaney (Richard Basehart), blames himself for a car accident that left his daughter Cathy blind. Now he will stop at nothing to get her eyesight back. Thus he begins a series of kidnappings in which he extracts his victim's eyes in hopes of successfully transplanting them into Cathy's sockets. With the help of his assistant (Gloria Grahame) he has no trouble finding unwilling donors. But it's not long before Chaney has a basement full of eyeless captives caged up in his basement. And they want revenge! ===DVD Features=== *Photo Library *Scene Selection


Richard BasehartDr. Leonard Chaney
Gloria GrahameKatherine
Lance HenriksenDr. Dan Bryan
Vic TaybackDetective Simon

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