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New York director Susan Seidelman, who made the delicious Desperately Seeking Susan, ran into a critical buzz saw with this follow-up film, which is actually a smart and cleverly acted little comedy about the battle of the sexes. Performance artist Ann Magnuson plays a commercial whiz who is hired to market a new, almost human android to the buying public. The scientist who created him (John Malkovich) is an antisocial nerd, but the robot (also Malkovich) is exactly what any woman would want: sensitive, caring, eager to please, and willing to listen. This leads Magnuson, who is repelled by the creator, to fall for the creation--but what do you do when you fall in love with a man-made man? Malkovich is delightfully loopy, while Magnuson brings snap and vigor to this role. Definitely better than its reputation. --Marshall Fine

DVD Features

  • Color
  • Closed-captioned
  • Widescreen


John MalkovichDr.Jeff Peters/Ulysses
Ann MagnusonFrankie Stone
Glenne HeadlyTrish
Ben MastersSteve Marcus
Laurie MetcalfSandy
Polly BergenEstelle Stone
Hart BochnerDon
Polly DraperSuzy Duncan
Christian ClemensonBruce

  • Genre: Comedy Movies
  • Director: Susan Seidelman
  • Producer: MGM/UA
  • Length: 99 mins
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaApr 3, 1987
  • Ratings
    North AmericaPG-13
  • DVD Release
    North AmericaJan 7, 2003
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