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The South Carolina Buzz, a minor league baseball team, is preparing for a challenge match with the Minnesota Twins, now owned by former Indians player Roger Dorn. After bringing pitcher Gus Cantrell out of retirement-to-be, Twins manager Leonard Huff challenges Gus' Buzz to a game, which he subsequently sabotages, resulting in a winner-take-all rematch with lots of hijinks in-between.

DVD Features

French Audio Soundtrack
English, French, Spanish Subtitles
Video presentation "Meet the Buzz"


Scott BakulaGus Cantrell
Corbin BernsenRoger Dorn
Dennis HaysbertPedro Cerrano
Takaaki IshibashiTaka Tanaka
Jensen DaggettMaggie Reynolds
Eric BruskotterRube Baker
Walton GogginsBilly 'Downtown' Anderson
Ted McGinleyLeonard Huff
Kenny JohnsonLance Pere
Judson MillsHog Ellis
Lobo SebastianCarlos Liston
Thom BarryFrank 'Pops' Morgan
Peter MackenzieCarlton 'Doc' Windgate
Bob UeckerHarry Doyle

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