: : : Major League 2
===Story=== After coming up short in their "worst to first" miracle run the year before, the Cleveland Indians are back to try and once again thwart their evil owner's plans to turn them into eternal losers. The team has undergone a lot of changes since last time-can they come together and stay together long enough to repeat their past success? ===DVD Features=== English & French 5.1 Audio
English, Spanish, & French Subtitles


Charlie SheenRick 'Wild Thing' Vaughn
Tom BerengerJake Taylor
Corbin BernsenRoger Dorn
Dennis HaysbertPedro Cerrano
James GammonLou Brown
Omar EppsWillie Mays Hayes
Eric BruskotterRube Baker
Takaaki IshibashiIsuro Tanaka
Alison DoodyRebecca Flannery
Michelle BurkeNikki Reese
David KeithJack Parkman
Margaret WhittonRachel Phelps
Bob UeckerHarry Doyle
Jay LenoHimself
Richard SchiffDirector
Randy QuaidJohnny
Rene RussoLynn

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