: : : Macross: Volume 6 - Eve Of Destruction

Macross: Volume 6 - Eve Of Destruction

===Story=== The battles lines have been drawn, the opposing forces are in place. The Macross is now allied with the same Zentradi fleets they have fought for over a year, but now even an armada of a thousand ships is nothing against the overwhelming juggernaut of over four MILLION ships that now oppose them. Yet Mankind has a secret weapon that has thus far repelled every attack against it. Can the force the ancients called "Protoculture" save the Earth from total destruction once again? The answer will be unveiled in the sixth sense-shattering volume of MACROSS! ===DVD Features=== The Women Of Macross: An Interview With Monica Rial (Misa) & Christine Auten (Claudia) Liner Notes
Character & Mecha Stats
Clean Opening Animation
ADV Previews
Just a Shadow
Feb 1, 07 1:20am
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