: : : Macross: Volume 5 - When Worlds Collide

Macross: Volume 5 - When Worlds Collide

===Story=== Strange things are happening within the Zentradi fleet: secret meetings, use of contraband materials and even hints of civil disobedience from previously unshakable warriors! The female Zentradi fleet in affected as well, as one of their finest abruptly goes rogue on a path of personal vengeance. Meanwhile, on the Macross, human lives are in equal disarray, as simple misunderstandings multiple in to events that can and will shatter worlds. Love hurts and sex kills as the war of the worlds becomes the war of the sexes in the fifth scorching volume of Macross! ===DVD Features=== · The Men of Macross: An Interview with Vic Mignona (Hikaru), Brett Weaver (Roy) & John Swasey (Captain Global)) · Commentary with Anime Experts Matt Greenfield, David Williams & Janice Williams · Liner Notes · Character Stats · Clean Opening Animation · ADV Previews
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Feb 1, 07 1:19am
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