: : : Macross: Volume 4 - Fallen Angels

Macross: Volume 4 - Fallen Angels

===Story=== Betrayed by the military of their own planet, the crew of the Macross find themselves trapped on Earth, unable to evacuate their civilian passengers even as the Zentradi attacks continue to rain down from the skies. In the air, a new rivalry begins as enemy ace pilot Milia finds her ultimate opponent in the person of Max Jenius, while on the ground Misa is consumed by guilt after an accident that sends a critically wounded Hikaru to the infirmary. And even as the young lieutenant struggles for his own life, the battle takes a grimmer toll as his teammates and friends begin to die in his place. The war of attrition continues in the fourth staggering volume of Macross! ===DVD Features=== On Stage with Mari Iijima Part 2
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Feb 1, 07 1:19am
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