: : : Macross: Volume 3 - Dangerous Divisions

Macross: Volume 3 - Dangerous Divisions

===Story=== A dangerous escape leads to an unpleasant homecoming, as the crew of the Macross find themselves pawns in a much bigger game. Not only are Earth's forces badly divided, but now the Zentradi have defied the rules of science to place spies on board the Macross itself! The introduction of a new ace Zentradi pilot is only the latest spark in already explosive mixture, as the fiery relationship between Hikaru and Misa begins to kindle into something else, and Hikaru's romance with Minmay hits another snag in the form of a jealous new rival. ===DVD Features=== Liner Notes
Commentary with Mari Iijima (Minmay) & Matt Greenfield (ADR Director) On Stage with Mari Iijima
Clean Opening Animation
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