: : : Macross: Volume 1 - Upon The Shoulders Of Giants


It's the end of the 20th century and the nations of earth are embroiled in war. When an alien vessel crashes into the planet, the human race realizes that they now have more to worry about than petty civil war. Pooling their resources together, humanity forms a new military defense force whose sole purpose is to prepare for an alien invasion. By studying the abandoned ship they are able to incorporate the foreign technology into their own, but will that be enough to prepare them for the great unknown?

DVD Features

Liner Notes
Becoming Minmay: An Interview with Mari Iijima
Translator Notes: An Interview with Javier Lopez
Commentary for Episode 3 with Matt Greenfield (ADR Director) & Javier Lopez
Commentary for Episode 2 with Mari Iijima (Minmay) & Monica Rial (Misa)
Original 1984 English Dub of Episode 1
Clean Animation
Restoration Comparison
ADV Previews
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