: : : Macross Plus: Volume 1
===Story=== The year is 2040, years after the first Macross war. Isamu and Guld are test pilots flying separate prototype aircraft. Their competitiveness isn't confined to the skies, however, as a mutual childhood friend, Myung, arrives as the manager of synthetic idol Sharon Apple. A dark, mysterious past prevents the three from rejoicing in their reunion, while Sharon Apple provides a hypnotizing concert for the devoted fans of Macross City. What hidden secrets keep the three longtime friends apart, and why is Sharon Apple's behavior becoming increasingly erratic? ===DVD Features=== Digitally Remastered
Motion Menus
Photo Gallery
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Magna 2000 commercial
Palm Pictures commercial


Unsho Ishizuka
Mako Hyoudou
Rica Fukami
Takumi Yamazaki

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