: : : Machine Gun Preacher
===Story=== No matter how well-trained a warrior is, the warrior's training is for naught if said warrior is lacking in one thing: hope. The hopes of hundreds of Sudanese children hang on the shoulders of one Sam Childers, a former drug-dealing tough guy biker who turned to religion and found God. Now Sam Childers is a crusader, fighting for the lives of innocent Sudanese children that have been forced to become soldiers. ===DVD Features===


Gerard ButlerSam Childers
Michelle MonaghanLynn Childers
Kathy BakerDaisy
Michael ShannonDonnie
Ryan CamposPaige #1
Joshua DrewTyler Childers
Madeline CarrollPaige #2
Souleymane Sy SavaneDeng
Grant R. KrauseBilly / Contractor (as Grant Krause)
Reavis GrahamPastor Krause
Peter CareyBill Wallace
Barbara CovenShannon Wallace
Misty MillsBiker Chick
Nicole Michele SobchackBartender (as Nicole Sobchack)
Sidi HendersonShaved Head
Mike LitakerDrifter
Judy StepanianEmployment Woman
Peter ToccoMechanic
Inga R. WilsonMrs. Shields (as Inga Wilson)
Bruce BennettPastor Relling
Ava SchroederHobbes Daughter
Sean Patrick LeonardCrackhead
Mandalynn CarlsonPaige's Friend (as Amanda Carlson)
David WhitesellCustoms Officer
Matthew J. BoucherMover (as Matthew Boucher)
Richard GoteriPawn Shop Owner
Claudia RogersSue / Volunteer
Scott WestermanBiker
Michele DeSelmsNewscaster
Rhema MarvanneChild Singer (as Rhema Voraritskul)
Janey MillerChurch Pianist
Paul LangPrison Clerk
Percy MatsemelaNineteen
Ronnie NyakaleAJ
Mduduzi MabasoMarco
Fana MokoenaJohn Garang
Junior MagaleWIlliam
Abena AyivorBetty
Warona SeaneRose
Sophie "Mer" AyangBetty's Helper

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