: : : Lucky Star Volume 5
===Story=== Summmer break has rolled around again and the girls find time to relax, along with all the newer additions to the main cast. The group make plans for the various events that will occur and a few interesting revelations pop up. During all this Konata's birthday is approaching and a planned surprise doesn't quite work out. Meanwhile their studies still beckon them, with wildly different responses. While Kagami takes her studies seriously in preparation for the exams, Konata still indulges in her gaming as her breaks extend for longer than expected. ===DVD Features=== * Key Scenes Galleries * The Adventures of Minoru Shiraishi * Liner Notes * Previews


Wendee LeeKonata Izumi
Kari WahlgrenKagami Hiiragi
Michelle RuffTsukasa Hiiragi
Karen StrassmanMiyuki Takara
Hynden WalchYutaka Kobayakawa
Julie Ann TaylorYui Narumi
Kate HigginsNanako Kuroi
Lara Jill MillerMisao Kusakabe
Michelle RuffMinami Iwasaki
Patricia Ja LeePatricia Martin
Peggy O'NealAyano Minegishi
Philece SamplerHiyori Tamura
Sam RegalMinoru Shiraishi
Stephanie ShehAkira Kogami
Tony OliverSoujiro Izumi

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