: : : Love Hina Volume 6
===Story=== Keitaro's survived explosions, misunderstandings, being marooned on deserted islands (several times!), Kaolla's inventions, and meddling relatives and friends, but he is no closer to finding out who the girl is he made the infamous "Tokyo U" promise to when he was younger. And time is running out, because it's the last volume of the series! But a clue has been found! It's a photograph of Keitaro, Naru, and Mutsumi when they were young. Could one of these two girls be the one? The suspense is driving everyone crazy! Of course nothing is ever simple at the Hinata Apartments, and just as things start to calm down a little, Grandma Hina comes back from her trip and suddenly starts renovating the complex. Everyone has to move out for a day or two ===DVD Features=== * Character Photo Gallery * Trailers


David UmanskyKeitaro Urashima
Dorothy MelendrezNaru Narusegawa
Barbara GoodsonMitsune Konno
Ellen ArdenShinobu Maehara
Mona MarshallMotoko Aoyama
Wendee LeeKaolla Su, Tama
Jean HowardMutsumi Otohime
Jane AlanHaruka Urashima

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