: : : Love Hina Volume 5
===Story=== The gang winds up on an island. Sounds like fun vacation, right? Well, it would be, except that the island happens to be haunted! Naru has become possessed by the spirit that haunts the island. And the spirit is out for vengeance. And guess who's the target? Keitrato! Meanwhile, Naru, still mad at Keitaro, hangs out with Seta at the summer festival. And when a prank backfires, Kaolla, Sarah and Kitsune wind up stranded on another island. Another of Kaolla's relatives visits. This time, it's her brother, and he's come to take her home. But does she wanna go? Nooooo... Then, deep in the dark recesses of the Hinata Apartments, a mechanical doll is discovered. The doll has memories and thinks that Keita is his grandfather, the one who was taking care of her over 50 years ago! ===DVD Features=== * Character Photo Gallery * Trailers


David UmanskyKeitaro Urashima
Dorothy MelendrezNaru Narusegawa
Barbara GoodsonMitsune Konno
Ellen ArdenShinobu Maehara
Mona MarshallMotoko Aoyama
Wendee LeeKaolla Su, Tama
Jean HowardMutsumi Otohime
Jane AlanHaruka Urashima

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