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As the world of "Lost" expands, more and more thrilling discoveries occur, including the breath-taking appearances of the "Taillies," passengers from the back half of the plane; and "the Others," the super-human, mysterious and dangerous inhabitants of the island. Such key storylines as the 108 minutes frequency, "the numbers" cryptic number sequence, the ominous Dharma Initiative Symbol and more are all found in the Second Season.

DVD Features

    <li square>Lost Connections: Viewers can navigate between the crossed paths of the characters, and follow the connections to the mysterious numbers. Includes compelling motion graphics, never before seen footage from the show, insight from the creators, and plants seeds to upcoming connections in the new TV season.
    <li square>Lost On-Location: This featurette provides an in-depth look at the making of 10 individual episodes of Lost. Here is an up-close and compelling look at life on the set of TV's most exciting thriller.
    <li square>The Lost Flashbacks: These original, never-before-seen flashbacks from the show provide exciting new insights into the back stories of the survivors.
    <li square>Secrets of the Hatch: Get an insider's look at this mysterious location.
    <li square>Bloopers
    <li square>Deleted Scenes
    <li square>Fire and Water: Anatomy of an Episode: Follows the creation of a 'Lost' episode from script to finish.
    <li square>Audio Commentaries


Naveen AndrewsSayid Jarrah
Emilie de RavinClaire Littleton
Matthew FoxJack Shephard
Jorge GarciaHugo 'Hurley' Reyes
Maggie GraceShannon Rutherford
Josh HollowayJames 'Sawyer' Ford
Malcolm David KelleyWalt Lloyd
Daniel Dae KimJin Kwon
Yunjin KimSun Kwon
Evangeline LillyKate Austen
Dominic MonaghanCharlie Pace
Terry O'QuinnJohn Locke
Harold PerrineauMichael Dawson
Michelle RodriguezAna Lucia Cortez
John TerryChristian Shephard
Henry Ian CusickDesmond Hume
Julie BowenSarah
Cynthia WatrosElizabeth 'Libby' Smith
Adewale Akinnuoye-AgbajeMr. Eko
Kevin TigheAnthony Cooper
Katey SagalHelen Norwood
François ChauDr. Marvin Candle
Kimberley JosephCindy Chandler
L. Scott CaldwellRose Nadler
Sam AndersonBernard Nadler
DJ QuallsJohnny
Billy Ray GallionRandy Nations
Ian SomerhalderBoone Carlyle
Brett CullenGoodwin Stanhope
Michael CudlitzBig Mike Walton
Rick OvertonMatthew Reed
Beth BroderickDiane Jansen
Fredric LehneMarshal Edward Mars
Adetokumboh M'CormackYemi
Neil HopkinsLiam Pace
Kevin DunnGordy
Clancy BrownKelvin Inman
Mira FurlanDanielle Rousseau
Michael EmersonHenry Gale
M.C. GaineyTom Friendly
William MapotherEthan Rom
Tania RaymondeAlex Rousseau
Andrea GabrielNadia
Evan HandlerDave
Bruce DavisonDr. Douglas Brooks
Rachel TicotinCaptain Teresa Cortez
Michael BowenDanny Pickett
April GraceBea Clugh
Alan DaleCharles Widmore
Sonya WalgerPenelope 'Penny' Widmore

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