: : : Lost - The Complete Fourth Season

Lost - The Complete Fourth Season

===Story=== More than three months after their fateful crash, the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 learn the only thing more dangerous than the Island might be the people who have come to save them from it. Every twist and turn, and all the secrets and clues come together in one place, taking fans deeper than ever into the mysteries at its heart. Shocking revelations and subtle clues about The Oceanic 6, The Others, the Black Rock, the Dharma Initiative and much more! ===DVD Features=== *Lost Bloopers *Oceanic Airlines Safety Guide *The Lost Flashbacks *Audio Commentaries *Deleted Scenes *Lost on Location - Go on location with the cast and crew of Lost for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of some of Season Four's hottest episodes. *Freighter Folk - Where did the folks on the freighter come from? Get to know them and find out what the show runners looked for in new cast members. *Transforming Hawaii - From the deserted beach to urban Los Angeles, Hawaii serves as a global backdrop for the excitement and intrigue of Lost. Join the small army of technicians that transforms Hawaii to the Island as they go about their duties. *Gun Tracking - Lost features a formidable array of firearms Get real life gun profiles and find out what it's like working with so much firepower. *The Music of Lost - The Honolulu Symphony performs Michael Giacchino's award-winning score live for the first time ever. Witness the power of the show's many musical themes as well as its innovative use of instruments-and learn how music affects the production, from writing to directing.


Naveen AndrewsSayid Jarrah
Henry Ian CusickDesmond Hume
Jeremy DaviesDaniel Faraday
Emilie de RavinClaire Littleton
Michael EmersonBen Linus
Matthew FoxJack Shephard
Jorge GarciaHugo 'Hurley' Reyes
Josh HollowayJames 'Sawyer' Ford
Daniel Dae KimJin Kwon
Yunjin KimSun Kwon
Ken LeungMiles Straume
Evangeline LillyKate Austen
Rebecca MaderCharlotte Lewis
Elizabeth MitchellJuliet Burke
Dominic MonaghanCharlie Pace
Terry O'QuinnJohn Locke
Harold PerrineauMichael Dawson
Sam AndersonBernard Nadler
Blake BashoffKarl Martin
L. Scott CaldwellRose Nadler
Michael CudlitzBig Mike Walton
Mira FurlanDanielle Rousseau
Tania RaymondeAlex Rousseau
Lance ReddickMatthew Abaddon
Fisher StevensGeorge Minkowski
John TerryChristian Shephard
Marsha ThomasonNaomi Dorrit
Billy Ray GallionRandy Nations
Zoe BellRegina
Jeff FaheyFrank Lapidus
Armando PucciPeter Avellino
Thekla ReutenElsa
Beth BroderickDiane Jansen
Anthony AziziOmar
Alan DaleCharles Widmore
Kevin DurandMartin Keamy
Sonya WalgerPenelope 'Penny' Widmore
Graham McTavishSergeant
M.C. GaineyTom Friendly
Brett CullenGoodwin Stanhope
Andrea RothHarper Stanhope
Grant BowlerCaptain Gault
Marc VannDoctor
Starletta DuPoisMichael's Mom
Malcolm David KelleyWalt Lloyd
Faran TahirIshmael Bakir
William BlanchetteAaron Littleton
Nestor CarbonellRichard Alpert
Holland RodenEmily Locke
Andrea GabrielNadia
Veronica HamelMargo Shephard
Lillian HurstCarmen Reyes
June Kyoto LuMrs. Paik
Cheech MarinDavid Reyes
Susan DuerdenCarole Littleton
Fran├žois ChauDr. Edgar Halliwax

  • Genre: TV
  • Director: Jack Bender
  • Producer: Buena Vista Home Video
  • Length: 610 min
  • Aspect ratio: 1.78:1
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaJan 31, 2008
  • DVD Release
    North AmericaDec 9, 2009
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