: : : Little Man
===Story=== A midget criminal, Calvin, and his partner steal the Queen's Diamond, a very respected and valuable diamond in the museum. The museum guards activate the alarm so the criminals are on the run. They try to hide in a grocery store. Calvin takes the diamond and puts it in a man's bag. The man exits the grocery store and goes home. To get the diamond back, the criminals cook up a plan to get it back. Calvin has to act as the man's new son. The man just so happens to be an anxious wannabe dad.


Marlon WayansCalvin
Shawn WayansDarryl
Kerry WashingtonVanessa
John WitherspoonPops
Tracy MorganPercy
Lochlyn MunroGreg
Chazz PalminteriWalken
Molly ShannonSoccer Mom
David Alan GrierJimmy
Dave SheridanRosco
Fred StollerRichard
Brittany DanielBrittany
Alex BorsteinJanet
Damien Dante WayansOfficer Wilson
Rob SchneiderDinosaur Rex

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3.1 / 10