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Mel Gibson set aside his art-house credentials to star as a crazy cop paired with a stable one (Danny Glover) in this full-blown 1987 Richard Donner action picture. The most violent film in the series (which includes three sequels), it is also the edgiest and most interesting. After Gibson's character jumps off a building handcuffed to a man, and Gary Busey (as a cold, efficient enforcer) lets his hand get burned without flinching, there is a sense that anything can happen, and it usually does. Donner's strangely messy visual and audio style doesn't make a lot of aesthetic sense, but it stuck with all four movies. The DVD release includes production notes, Dolby sound, theatrical trailer, optional full-screen and widescreen presentations, optional French soundtrack, and optional English, French, and Spanish subtitles. --Tom Keogh

DVD Features

  • Color
  • Closed-captioned
  • HiFi Sound
  • Widescreen
  • Dolby


Mel GibsonMartin Riggs
Danny GloverRoger Murtaugh
Gary BuseyJoshua
Mitch RyanThe General
Tom AtkinsMichael Hunsaker
Darlene LoveTrish Murtaugh
Traci WolfeRianne Murtaugh
Jackie SwansonAmanda Hunsaker
Damon HinesNick Murtaugh
Ebonie SmithCarrie Murtaugh
Sven-Ole ThorsenMercenary
Al LeongEndo

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