: : : Leprechaun
===Story=== This is the 1993 horror movie whose little Irish monster was frequently quoted by late-night talk show host Conan O'Brien: "I want me gold!" Sure you do, pal. Diminutive actor Warwick Davis (who played an Ewok in ''Return of the Jedi'') plays a creepy, killer leprechaun wandering an American suburb in search of the gold stolen from him. Woe be to anyone who inadvertently gets in his way, including Tori (Jennifer Aniston) and her pals, who somehow have to get their hands on a four-leaf clover (what's wrong with a yellow moon or pink hearts?) to stop the dinky demon. Not exactly a promotional campaign from the Irish Tourist Board, ''Leprechaun'' is nevertheless good, silly fun. ''--Tom Keogh''


Warwick DavisLeprechaun
Jennifer AnistonTory Reding
Ken OlandtNathan Murphy
Mark HoltonOzzie
Robert Hy GormanAlex
Shay DuffinDan O'Grady
Pamela MantMrs. O'Grady
David PermenterDeputy Tripet

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