Le Portrait De Petite Cossette User ReviewsMovie


Of Love And Curses

The good:

Ideal unsettling atmosphere.
Great use of visual techniques.
Some amazing sights to behold.
Haunting soundtrack to compliment events.
Interesting core to the story.
Well developed leading pair of characters Eiri and Cossette.
Cool extras on the DVD.

The bad:

A little hard to focus on what's happening a few times.
Other characters not nearly as well developed as the leading pair.


I wasn't really sure what to expect coming into this anime. It was an item I purchased on a whim when I got the My Hime boxset from Amazon. What I did get was an OVA that combined its elements into an excellent end product.

One of the first things to strike me as I watched this anime was the way it went about its visuals. Not just from the technical side of things, although I can certainly say with confidence that everything it put up on the screen definitely looked fantastic. Rather, it was the style choices that helped shape the visual experience and I think those choices really help to de...