: : : Last Exile: Volume 2 - Positional Play

Last Exile: Volume 2 - Positional Play

===Story=== Claus and Lavie deliver Avis to the airship, Silvana's captain, Alex Row. But much to Claus' anger, Alex Row accepts Alvis inhumanely into the Silvana and leaves the duo and their damaged ship behind. Claus and Lavie fly to the Silvana to retrieve Alvis, but the airship is savagely attacked by Guild-controlled, star-shaped vessels. Claus and Lavie are forced to take on the attackers with a borrowed Silvana vanship. The Silvana is severely damaged. Dio Eraclea of the Guild flagship notices Claus' unusual flying talents and vows to have a duel with him. More than ever, Claus and Lavie realize they are wrapped up in the mysterious conspiracies of war controlled by the omnipotent Guild. ===DVD Features=== #Non-Credit Ending #Original Japanese Ending #Commercial Collections #Art Gallery #Geneon Animation Previews


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