: : : La Femme Nikita - The Complete Third Season


"You're one of us now," Nikita is told. But has she truly abandoned her compassionate nature and become an unquestioning member of the soulless covert organization called Section One? Or has she mastered the group's knack for deceit and cover-up so efficiently that she can beat Section at its own game? The sleek, chic and powerful adventures of the agent codenamed Josephine continue in Season Three of the intrigue-filled five-year series that stars Peta Wilson in the title role. Season three is marked by the unveiling of Michael's secret life, Nikita and Michael's romantic relationship and the further suspicion about the true nature of Section One.

DVD Features

    <li square>"Designing Nikita" - behind the scenes look at the award wining production designer Rocco Matteo
    <li square>10 Deleted Scenes with intro from Director Jon Cassar
    <li square>Audio Commentary on season premiere and finale episode by creators/cast/crew
    <li square>Gag reel


Peta WilsonNikita
Roy DupuisMichael Samuelle
Don FrancksWalter
Matthew FergusonSeymour Birkoff
Eugene Robert GlazerOperations
Alberta WatsonMadeline
Eugene LipinskiIvan Chernov
Cherie LunghiCorinne Markali
Kris LemcheGreg Hillinger
Margot KidderRoberta
Adam AntSimon Crachek
Jamie HarrisZalman
Julian RichingsErrol Sparks

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