: : : Kitchen Confidential - The Complete Series

Kitchen Confidential - The Complete Series

===Story=== Based on Bourdain's memoir about food, drugs and working in the kitchens of top restaurants. It is a single camera comedy. Jack Bourdain played by Bradley Cooper had it all but it messed it up going wild. Four Years later, he only has a great girlfriend and a crappy job as an aide in Pizza Chain Kitchen. Until Pino Lugeria contacts him to become the Chef of his famous Restaurant. An offer, his girlfriend tells him he cannot refuse. He is back on the field with his old friends, Seth Klein (Nicholas Brandon) the pastry chef, Teddy Wong (John Cho), the Japanese Chef and Steven (Owain Yeoman) who is his second and everyone will be witnessing if he is capable of steering clear of his old ways. ===DVD Features=== *9 unaired episodes *Audio Commentary with Karine Rosenthal, Dave Hemingson, Bradley Cooper and Dean Lopata *Tour of the Nolita Restaurant featurette *A Recipe for Comedy featurette


Bradley CooperJack Bourdain
Nicholas BrendonSeth Richman
John Francis DaleyJim
Jaime KingTanya
Bonnie SomervilleMimi
Owain YeomanSteven Daedalus
Frank LangellaPino
John ChoTeddy Wong
Andrea ParkerSuze
Stephen RannazzisiBanker
John LarroquetteChef Gerard
Michael VartanMichel Valentine
Erinn HayesBecky Sharp
Iqbal ThebaIqubal
Jordan BlackRodrigo
Morena BaccarinGia

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