: : : King of the Hill - The Complete Third Season

King of the Hill - The Complete Third Season

===Story=== With the Huxtables long gone, the Hills of Arlen, Texas, may just be television's most functional family. They are certainly one of the funniest as they struggle to appreciate "the little things in life while some big things are wrong and evil," as "sweet and trusting" Peggy learns in the classic episode "Peggy's Headache," in which Peggy is the last to discern that Dale's wife has had a decades-long affair with John Redcorn. Likewise, in "Death and Taxes," Peg is conned by an alleged former student, now a Death Row inmate, to unwittingly smuggle him cocaine. Hank, who is aptly described at one point as "a good husband with a good head on his shoulders," is the lone voice of reason in "Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men," in which he joins a focus group to rate a new "yuppified" model of his beloved lawnmower. At least he has come to terms with his son Bobby's desire to become a prop comic, and his wistfulness at the prospect of Bobby one day leaving home in "Hank's Cowboy Movie" is just one of many "sweet family moments" that elevate this series. The third season is a pivotal one for Bobby, whose coming-of-age misadventures include his devastating first adolescent crush on an older student in "And They Call It Bobby Love," a father-son hunting trip in "Good Hill Hunting," becoming Connie's boyfriend in "Love Hurts... And So Does Art," and marriage (don't ask) in "The Wedding of Bobby Hill." The Simpsons gets all the glory, but I'll tell you what, the writing in King of the Hill is no less incisively brilliant, its core ensemble no less indelible, and its star power no less impressive. Guest voices this season include Mary Tyler Moore as the new minister in "Revenge of the Lutefisk," Sarah Michelle Gellar in "And They Call It Bobby Love," Billy Bob Thornton in "Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men," Buddy Ebsen in "A Firefighting We Will Go," Uta Hagen, Betty White, and Phyllis Diller in "Escape From Party Island," and, as himself, a very gracious Chuck Mangione in "Death of a Propane Salesman." Unlike the previous two sets, there are no extras; but who needs commentaries? Such benchmark episodes as "To Spank With Love," in which Peggy is dubbed "Paddlin' Peggy" after spanking an unruly student, eloquently speak for themselves. ===DVD Features=== *Available Subtitles: English, Spanish *Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround), Spanish (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround) *25 episodes on three double-sided discs


Mike JudgeHank Hill
Kathy NajimyPeggy Hill
Pamela AdlonBobby Hill
Brittany MurphyLuanne Platter
Johnny HardwickDale Gribble
Stephen RootBill Dauterive
Toby HussKahn Souphanousinphone, Sr.
Dan ButlerDaniel
Eloy CasadosEnrique
David HermanBuckley
Maurice LaMarcheFuneral Speaker
Lauren TomMinh Souphanousinphone
Sarah Michelle GellarMarie
Jonathan JossJohn Redcorn
Ashley GardnerNancy Hicks Gribble
John AshtonInstructor
William H. MacyDr. Rubin
Iqbal ThebaDr. Bhudamanjur
Erik EstradaMexican Judge
Kathy IrelandSylvia
Angela KinseyAngela
Mary Kay PlaceHelen Pell
Beth GrantTilly Hill
Billy Bob ThorntonBoyce Hubert
Dwight YoakamLane Pratley
Tara StrongJames
Dennis BurkleyPrincipal Moss
Barry CorbinFire Chief
Buddy EbsenChet Elderson
Will FerrellCoach Lucas
Julie HagertyAlly
Matthew McConaugheyRad Thibodeau
Phyllis DillerLillian
Pauly ShoreDeejay
Betty WhiteDelia
Billy WestSergeant Barber
Mary Tyler MooreReverend Karen Stroup
Jennifer CoolidgeMiss Kremzer
Jane WiedlinKate

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