Peter Jackson's King Kong review
Kong Is King


This is officially the best movie I've seen in a long time. I remember seeing the original when I was a little boy and it never really interested me that much. Probably due to the bad fx and being black and white. The story intrigued me but I just couldn't get into it.
Well thanks to Peter Jackson my interest in Kong has been restored.

Granted, there are some holes in the story such as how the hell they got Kong back to New York but all in all this is an all out adventure/action movie.

Usually I'd start a review explaining the story but it's King Kong, surely everyone knows how it goes?
Well in case you've been living under a rock for the last 20 years:

A movie maker (Jack Black) in the 1930s is close to losing his contract so he decides to throw caution to the wind and make a movie that will either destroy him or leave him a happy rich man.
He somehow came across a map which reveals the location of an Island which was thought to be just a myth. He gathers a crew together and all his actors for the movie and sets off to find Skull Island.
I want spoil the movie so I'll just leave at that.

The technology of today has really brought Kong to life. He's no longer a man in a costume, he's a fully functioning, realistic looking giant gorilla created in CG. His emotions really show up well and be the end of the film you really feel sorry for him.

The acting is almost top notch with the exception of Jack Black. This is his first serious roll and it's clear to see. When there's a close-up of Jack Black you're almost expecting him to burst into laughter.

Naomi Watts on the other hand is superb considering she's acting towards a blue screen for most of the movie. Her shock scenes are realistic as are her passionate scenes with Kong.

Of course not every movie is perfect. I was gonna give it a 5/5 but there are some parts where the FX aren't fully up to scratch such as the stampede scene (it's clear to see that the actors are in front of a blue screen).

Nevertheless this is an excellent movie and I'd advise everyone to see it.
If you have the 2-Disc DVD you'll be shocked to discover that Skull Island really did exist!!

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