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King Kong Review


King Kong's main purpose was to show its CGI technology and fulfill Peter Jackson's dream. In a way, this succeeded as a film. Kong looks much better than he ever did, and can now convey emotion. He is more than a monster, and he truly cares for Darrow. Nobody sees this except for Darrow, whose initial horror turns into something deeper. The emotions and reactions that Kong displays are enough to evoke sympathy from the viewer. He is a supremely misunderstood creature. Less successful are the CGI dinosaurs. It feels like Jackson is trying to cram as much as possible into Skull Island, including a brontosaurus chase that lasts a bit too long.

Watts is the one actor here who succeeds in her role. And this is especially difficult given the fact that most of the time, she was acting to something not there. The other actors are not as good. Black works in the first two thirds of the film. He brings his sense of comedy to the director, who will make his film at all costs. Black falters when the script turns more serious, forcing him to do dramatic dialogue. Black has yet to take a completely dramatic role, and from his work here, it is clear he has some work to do. On the other hand, Adrien Brody has found success as a dramatic actor, but doesn't quite work here. Jackson even goes so far as to preface that most people think leading men are dashing, handsome, and not writers.

But these problems are small. King Kong is a fun movie, maybe not as monumental as something from The Lord of the Rings. Technically, the film is superb, but all the special effects in the world cannot make a great film. Jackson was counting on bringing Kong to life which he does visually. Emotionally, King Kong does not always connect. There are some tender moments between beauty and the beast, but also some fairly outdated native stereotypes.

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