: : : Kim Possible - The Movie
===Story=== Dr. Drakken has an evil new plot for world domination, but his ultimate success depends upon finding out KP's weakness. Could it have anything to do with a certain new hottie named Eric? Kim is definitely distracted by the prom date drama. Meanwhile, Ron is up to his eyeballs in strange little Diablo Devil toys when his favorite food joint, Buenos Nachos, crosses over to the dark side. Now he's acting like such a dweeb -- just when Kim needs him most! If Dr. D. can keep up the pressure, KP will SO have to surrender! ===DVD Features=== *Closed-captioned *Color *Dolby *NTSC


Christy Carlson RomanoKim Possible (voice)
Will FriedleRon Stoppable (voice)
Nancy CartwrightRufus (voice)
Tahj MowryWade (voice)
Diedrich BaderLars (voice)
Raven-SymonéMonique (voice)
Jean SmartDr. Ann Possible (voice)
Gary ColeDr. Possible (Dad) (voice)
Shaun FlemingTim Possible / Jim Possible (voice)
Kirsten StormsBonnie Rockwaller (voice)
Rider StrongBrick Flagg (voice)
Nicole SullivanShego (voice)
John DiMaggioDr. Drakken (voice)
Eddie DeezenNed (voice)
Clyde KusatsuNakasumi (voice)
Maurice LaMarche'Big Daddy' Brotherson (voice)
Kevin Michael RichardsonSumo Ninja / Dr. Gooberman (voice)
Lauren TomYoshiko (voice)
Stephen RootCowboy Gambler (voice)
Ricky UllmanEric (voice)

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