: : : Kim Possible - A Sitch in Time

Kim Possible - A Sitch in Time

===Story=== It's Kim Possible's most extreme adventure yet! In her race against time, she travels through the years in her first way-cool, full-length movie. Here's the "sitch": When Shego and her evil henchmen capture the all-powerful Time Monkey and start monkeying around with time, a visitor from the future - Rufus 3000, a buffed up, talking descendant of everyone's favorite naked mole rat-alerts Kim to the plan. Kim, along with her faithful sidekick Ron Stoppable and Rufus, must triumph in the present and the past or the future will be history! Featuring awesome bonus features, a notable guest cast - including Freddie Prinze Jr., Dakota Fanning, Kelly Ripa and Raven - and a whole lot more. A Sitch in Time is SO not your average movie. ===DVD Features=== *Anamorphic *Color *NTSC


Gary ColeDr. Possible (Dad) (voice)
Will FriedleRon Stoppable (voice)
Shaun FlemmingTim Possible / Jim Possible (voice)
Nancy CartwrightRufus (voice)
Jean SmartDr. Ann Possible (voice)
Christy Carlson RomanoKim Possible (voice)
Tahj MowryWade (voice)
John DiMaggioDr. Drakken (voice)
Michael DornRufus 3000 (voice)
Michael Clarke DuncanFuture Wade (voice)
Harrison FahnPreschool Ron (voice)
Dakota FanningPreschool Kim (voice)
Vivica A. FoxFuture Monique (voice)
Brian GeorgeDuff Killagan (voice)
Richard GillilandMcHenry (voice)
Elliott GouldMr. Stoppable (voice)
Tom KaneMonkey Fist / Real Estate Agent (voice)
Andrea MartinMrs. Stoppable (voice)
Freddie Prinze Jr.Future Jim / Future Tim (voice)
Raven-SymonéMonique (voice)
Kelly RipaFuture Bonnie (voice)
Kath SouciePre-School Teacher / Mrs. Mahoney (voice)
Kirsten StormsBonnie Rockwaller (voice)
Nicole SullivanShego (voice)

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