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Kill Bill


Tarantino is good, but not as amazing as some think. What he does have going for him is a hyperactive personality and a deep love of all things cinematic. The genesis for Kill Bill came on the set of Pulp Fiction where he and Uma Thurman bounced some ideas around. Years later, the idea about a bride hunting down the people who tried to kill her mushroomed into a three hour epic, which was soon split into two parts. Kill Bill is Tarantino's homage to three genres he loves, the spaghetti western, Chinese martial arts movies, and Japanese samurai movies.

The hard part to figure out is how to lo...


Kill Bill, Volume 1

The good:

The gory violence, the swaring, action, and a good plot.

The bad:

There are some very boring parts but they don't last too long and I didn't like the anime cartoon.


Okay, I own this movie and I really enjoyed it, the movie was split into 2 volumes. The plot of the story is a woman seeking revenge because 5 people were responsible for killing 8 people she loved and leaving her for dead. The movie does have some dark humor that I enjoyed.

Music: [1 out of 4] **** The music was very good Taritino chose the right music at the right time.
Plot: *** I enjoyed the plot it explains how she was left in acoma and the people who did that to her.
Action: *** The action was very creative and had kung-fu moves in it although during the fight with O-ren Ishi (Lucy Lu) i...