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===Story=== In the follow-up to Kill Bill, Volume 1, The Bride (Uma Thurman) is closing in on the man who shot her at her wedding, Bill (David Carradine), her former boss and lover. Before she gets a chance to fight him, though, she must face The California Mountain Snake (Daryl Hannah) and Sidewinder (Michael Madsen). ===DVD Features=== *Making of Kill Bill Vol. 2 featurette Interviews *Comments and on-set visits *Footage from the premiere party *Chin Gon performance *Deleted scene featuring David Carradine and Michael Jai White, who doesn't appear at all in the film's final cut


Uma ThurmanBeatrix Kiddo / The Bride / 'Black Mamba'
David CarradineBill / 'Snake Charmer'
Lucy LiuO|+|Ren Ishii
Michael MadsenBudd / 'Sidewinder'
Daryl HannahElle Driver
Vivica A. FoxVernita Green
Michael ParksEsteban Vihaio
Christopher Allen NelsonTommy Plympton / The Groom
Chia Hui LiuPai Mei
Bo SvensonReverend Harmony
Jeannie EpperMrs. Harmony
Julie DreyfusSofie Fatale
Samuel L. JacksonRufus
Stephanie L. MooreJoleen
Shana SteinErica
Caitlin KeatsJaneen
Reda BeebeLucky
Sid HaigJay
Larry BishopLarry Gomez
Laura CayouetteRocket
Clark MiddletonErnie
Claire SmithiesClarita
Perla HaneyJardine|+|B.B. Kiddo
Helen KimKaren Kim
Venessia Valentino1st Grade Teacher
Thea RoseMelanie Harrhouse
William Paul ClarkSoda Jerk
Victoria LucaiTrixie
Stevo PolyiTim
Al Manuel DouglasMarty Kitrosser
Jorge SilvaBartender / Pimp
Patricia SilvaHooker #1
Maria Del Rosario GutiérrezHooker #2
Sonia Angelica Padilla CurielHooker #3
Veronica Janet MartinezHooker #4
Lucia Cruz MarroquinHooker #5
Citlati Guadalupe BojorquezHooker #6
Graciela Salazar MendozaHooker #7
Maria de Lourdes LomberaHooker #8
Lawrence BenderHotel Clerk
Tom HartigMy Oh My Club Pool Player

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Uma Thurman once again reminds us that girls can play roles as tough fellows too! KillBillVol2
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amazing KillBillVol2
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Well this is the sequel to Kill Bill Vol 1. The actual movie is extremely good....

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Kill Bill Vol. 1 was a non-stop, gratuitously over-the-top, violent and very enjoyable...

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awesome! KillBillVol2
Shadowfax of Rohan
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In fall 2003, Quentin Tarantino came back out of nowhere, with a brand-new fourth...

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Most people will cite the performance of Pei Mei as being the most amazing in the...

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