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Oh my dear sweet lord....


Kidulthood is, basically, a film about London chavs. For those who aren't from the UK, a chav is a certain group, often looked down on by those who do not belong to it. They are loud, and are famous for getting ASBO's, wearing burberry, and having children young. All in all, not a great social group to claim.

The film begins on a typical school day, with the token shy posh girl being beaten up, simply for not showing the girl doing so 'enough respect'. That evening she commits suicide, and the next day the entire year group is given the day of school.

The story follows Trev, who slept with the dead girl the year before, and his two friends, as well as Trev's ex-girlfriend Elisa, who has recently discovered she is pregnant. The story only gets more dramatic from its tragic beginning, and I burst into tears at least three times.

The intriguing thing about this film is that it is drawn from experience. All the events are said to have happened to the director, the writer, the producer, the scriptwriter, the actors...somebody involved in the making of the film. Now, obviously all these events did not happen in the time-frame of one day, or within one year group. But knowing that a great deal of it is based on events that really did happen adds a certain poignancy to the film.

At times the film is overly dramatic, and almost saop-operatically unbelievable. Still, the acting is spot on, despite the age and inexperience of many of the actors. I only recognised two people at most, and although I'm not big on films, usually at least five are familiar faces. The pace of the film never lets up for a moment, which, combined with the dramatic nature of the film, makes it difficult to catch your breath. The two or three sequences done in slow-mo without loud dramatic music are only made all the more effective for it.

In summary - good film. The suspension of disbelief is a little off in places, but most people who know chavs will find it slightly more believable than those who don't. The cast is great, and for a film of this scale and this budget, this film easily proves the idea that British film crews are the best in the world.

The film is, unfortunately, almost instantly forgetable.

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