: : : Kenny vs. Spenny - Season 4

Kenny vs. Spenny - Season 4

===Story=== The first USA season is the same as the fourth Canadian season. Comedy Central pits best friends against each other in "Kenny Vs. Spenny," the series created by and starring Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice. "South Park" creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker join the team as executive producers. "Kenny Vs. Spenny" is a provocative reality/comedy series in which two childhood friends battle each other in outrageous competitions. See what happens when two "adults" stop at nothing to humiliate, sabotage and one-up each other in their never-ending quest for juvenile supremacy. Watch Kenny and Spenny put themselves in foolishly awkward and embarrassing situations that are unthinkable to the rational person. Reality TV meets insanity TV in "Kenny Vs. Spenny" - the show that offers a surprisingly clever, comedic take on the age-old struggle of Good versus Evil. ===DVD Features=== *Deleted Scenes *Additional Scenes *Commentary Tracks *Kenny answers fan mail *Kenny and Spenny reflect on past competitions *Kenny and Spenny's hot mix *Who can pick the biggest booger? *Kenny and Spenny: Men on the Street


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