: : : Karas: The Prophecy
===Story=== In the edge of perception, beyond the bounds of mortal existence, there is another world, a world of demons and other supernatural beings. Not all accept the prosperity of humankind, but from this world come protectors, known simply as Karas, raven-black shapeshifting warriors who follow ethereal spirits known as Yurine, and duel against those who would upset the balance of existence. However, one Karas, Hoshunin Eko, decided to turn on his brethren, and together with demon-machines known as the Mikura, has decided that no amount of human sacrifice would be enough to bring his own kind of order to his domain, which conveniently enough, lay in the dense heart of humanity known as Shinjuku. The old Karas is slain, and three years later, an enigmatic doctor named Otoha is chosen to topple Eko and restore what Shinjuku once was ... but will even help from the most unlikely of sources be enough for him to accomplish his important mission? ===DVD Features=== • Behind the Scenes Montage: The Making of Kara • Original Concept/Animation Comparison • Original Japanese Trailers and TV Spots • Interviews with Voice Actors, Directors, and Producers
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