===Story=== Just like a dream, all things must come to an end. Ayu disappeared shortly after arriving at her school, which wasn't what anyone expected. Yuichi continues to look for the thing she lost, convinced that it is the only thing he can use to save her. Things look grim when Akiko is the victim of a car accident, which causes the relationship between Nayuki and Yuichi to become strained. Nayuki locks herself away in her room and pushes Yuichi away when he tries to comfort her. Jun and Kaori also try to help them to face their circumstances. Things may be heading for a resolution with Ayu. Yuichi finally remembers what happened all those years ago - how something terrible happened to a girl called Ayu. Yet things may not be as bleak as they seem. When Akiko recovers she shares a startling piece of information with Yuichi. It's called a miracle because something good might happen. ===DVD Features=== * Inside Look at the Making of Kanon * Clean opening and closing animation * Previews


Chris PattonYuichi Aizawa
Brittney KarbowskiAyu Tsukimiya
Jessica BooneNayuki Minase
Joanne BonassoAkiko Minase
Caitlin GlassKaori Misaka
Maggie FlecknoeShiori Misaka
Tiffany TerrellMakoto Sawatari
Melissa DavisMai Kawasumi
Natalie ArnesonSayuri Kurata
Colleen ClinkenbeardMishio Amano
Greg AyresJun Kitagawa

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