: : : Kanon Volume 5
===Story=== Relations are clearly strained between the Misaka siblings. Kaori tries to distance herself from her ailing sister in order to protect herself from the pain, but in truth neither girl can escape the pain and things continue to grow worse. With Shiori's birthday approaching Yuichi devises a plan to help them both overcome the obstacles in their way. Ayu continues to look for the important thing she lost, and Yuichi helps out whenever he has the time, but it looks like finding it will prove very difficult. Meanwhile, Yuichi is curious as to what kind of school Ayu attends, and she agrees to show him. However, when they get there a shocking surprise awaits, and the truth is too much for Ayu to bear. ===DVD Features=== * Inside Look at the Making of Kanon * Clean opening and closing animation * Previews


Chris PattonYuichi Aizawa
Brittney KarbowskiAyu Tsukimiya
Jessica BooneNayuki Minase
Joanne BonassoAkiko Minase
Caitlin GlassKaori Misaka
Maggie FlecknoeShiori Misaka
Tiffany TerrellMakoto Sawatari
Melissa DavisMai Kawasumi
Natalie ArnesonSayuri Kurata
Colleen ClinkenbeardMishio Amano
Greg AyresJun Kitagawa

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