: : : Kanon Volume 4
===Story=== The problems with Mai just keep mounting up, and her unwillingness to share just makes things harder for Yuichi. However, there is someone else who might shed light on the matter. With some hope Yuichi speaks to Sayuri, who seems to be hiding her own share of troubles. Mai's past is about to catch up to her, and the results could be tragic. Shiori continues to be another problem for Yuichi. Continuing to come out to the school courtyard despite being off ill and holding some things back, it leaves Yuichi at a loss. However, he does find out some interesting information, both about Shiori's real condition and a connection between her and his classmate Kaori. ===DVD Features=== * Inside Look at the Making of Kanon * Clean opening and closing animation * Previews


Chris PattonYuichi Aizawa
Brittney KarbowskiAyu Tsukimiya
Jessica BooneNayuki Minase
Joanne BonassoAkiko Minase
Caitlin GlassKaori Misaka
Maggie FlecknoeShiori Misaka
Tiffany TerrellMakoto Sawatari
Melissa DavisMai Kawasumi
Natalie ArnesonSayuri Kurata
Colleen ClinkenbeardMishio Amano
Greg AyresJun Kitagawa

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