: : : Kanon Volume 3
===Story=== Yuichi and Makoto start spending more time together, and what was once a tense argumentative relationship was transformed into a close friendship. However, problems arise when Makoto's strength begins to fade, and Yuichi remembers the truth behind the girl. As her time slips away he devotes all his time to making her wishes come true. Things are looking bad for Mai as well. She is called into the school's office after a window is broken, and her streak of trouble doesn't look like it will end easily. In a bid to make her more popular Yuichi convinces her to go to the school dance, but good intentions may have an undesired results when demons arrive too. ===DVD Features=== * Inside Look at the Making of Kanon * Clean opening and closing animation * Previews


Chris PattonYuichi Aizawa
Brittney KarbowskiAyu Tsukimiya
Jessica BooneNayuki Minase
Joanne BonassoAkiko Minase
Caitlin GlassKaori Misaka
Maggie FlecknoeShiori Misaka
Tiffany TerrellMakoto Sawatari
Melissa DavisMai Kawasumi
Natalie ArnesonSayuri Kurata
Colleen ClinkenbeardMishio Amano
Greg AyresJun Kitagawa

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