: : : Kanon Volume 2


Yuichi's attention is diverted by Mai. A senior student who seems to make a habit out of patrolling the school at night with a sword. Can she really be fighting demons?

Life at the Minase household is certainly a lot more energetic with Makoto around. Fighting with Yuichi, trying to recover her own memory and devouring meatbuns is all part of her daily routine. While the pair may argue a lot an obvious line of affection is there, and there's a sense of familiarity. As time passes Yuichi starts to remember who Makoto might really be.

DVD Features

  • Inside Look at the Making of Kanon
  • Clean opening and closing animation
  • Previews


    Chris PattonYuichi Aizawa
    Brittney KarbowskiAyu Tsukimiya
    Jessica BooneNayuki Minase
    Joanne BonassoAkiko Minase
    Caitlin GlassKaori Misaka
    Maggie FlecknoeShiori Misaka
    Tiffany TerrellMakoto Sawatari
    Melissa DavisMai Kawasumi
    Natalie ArnesonSayuri Kurata
    Colleen ClinkenbeardMishio Amano
    Greg AyresJun Kitagawa

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