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Just Like Heaven is a rather simple story. A man moves into an apartment, and begins seeing the spirit of a young woman. They gradually fall in love, and, with a few twists and turns, everyone lives happily ever after.

The plot is almost entirely predictable and cliched. Nonetheless, it's a sweet story, and not at all boring. Certain films, you spend most of the time praying that the incredibly dimwitted hero or heroine will work out what became obvious within the first ten minutes. Although I did figure out the entire plot within the first quarter of the film, the interaction between the characters and actors was engrossing and funny enough that it didn't matter. Reese Witherspoon is incredibly convincing, and she and Mark Ruffalo have a great rapport. The use of Katie Melua's version of 'Just Like Heaven' over the opening credits and the original version by The Cure over the ending is a nice touch.

I guess there's not much to say about this film. It's funny - absolutely hilarious - and despite being a romantic comedy, it isn't as shallow as it could be. It's definitely a chick-flick, although I bet a few guys would get tears in their eyes watching it. All in all, it's not amazing or spectacular, but it's a sweet film that you won't get sick of easily.

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