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This is the third time around for Jurassic Park, although it is the first time without a Michael Crichton novel and director Steven Spielberg. Jurassic Park III is better than Jurassic Park 2, it is still leagues away from approaching the first film. Gone is the sense of awe and majesty surrounding the dinosaurs, and gone is the sense of dread on the effects of tampering with nature. If it's any consolation, Drs. Alan Grant and Ellie are back from the original, and gone are Jeff Goldblum and Sir Richard Attenborough.

Like monster movies, Jurassic Park III takes a number of dumb people and big monsters. Grant and company are racing from the interior of the island to the beach, where they hope they are safer. Neill's character is a shade of his former self. he downside is that each character embodies one trait and uses it to his/her advantage. Like in the other two movies, the dinosaurs steal the show. The T-rex and velociraptors are back, along with vicious Pterandons and a massive Spinosaurus. It is another effective melding of computer animation and extremely life-like animatronic dinosaurs again designed by Stan Winston. They are menacing, and upstage the real actors in terms of charisma and personality. Johnston goes a little too far in his subplot about velociraptor intelligence. Apparently, they have the ability to communicate with each other intelligently. Thus, running away from them in Isla Sorno is more than first imagined. Instead of making the raptors look more dangerous, they actually look comical at times. Jurassic Park III won't do anything to expand the series, but does leave a nice hole for another sequel, one that is hopefully better.

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