: : : Ju-On: The Grudge 2
===Story=== When "Horror Queen" Kyoko (Noriko Sakai) and her fiance crash their car one night, she never would have expected such chaotic events to follow. Kyoko was so badly injured in the crash, her unborn baby died and her fiance went into a coma. But as things start looking down for Kyoko, a famous film crew calls to ask if she would be willing to star in a documentary about a supposed haunted house. Kyoko readily accepts. Soon though, eerie things start happening. One by one the film crew mysteriously disappear and Kyoko's unborn child suddenly comes back, much to the confusion of her doctors. Kyoko soon begins to wonder if there really is a curse on the house... ===DVD Features=== Making Of Ju-on 2 Documentary
Cast And Director Interview
Trailer 1
Trailer 2
TV Spots
Making Of Ju-on 2
Deleted Scenes
Promotion Clip


Noriko SakaiKyoko Harase
Yui IchikawaChiharu
Takako FujiKayako Saeki
Yuya OzekiToshio Saeki
Chiharu NîyamaTomoka Miura
Kei HorieNoritaka
Shingo KatsurayamaKeisuke
Erika KuroishiHiromi
Ayumu SaitôMasashi Ishikura
Emi YamamotoMegumi

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