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John Denver and the Muppets - Rocky Mountain Holiday

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===Story=== The late John Denver was obviously a favorite collaborator of Kermit and company. Not only did the mellow singer-songwriter appear on the Muppets' celebrated television series in the 1970s, he hosted a Christmas special with the Henson gang, and, on another occasion, led them on a rare, fresh-air excursion in ''Rocky Mountain Holiday''. It's a cute, unexpected idea: The celebrity outdoorsman takes the extended Muppets family up, up into the scenic Rockies, for a happy afternoon of fishing in crystal lakes followed by a night of camping in lush meadows. There are plenty of jokes along the way (Rowlf the dog seeks a wall socket for his TV set), happy moments of kite-flying and tromping along trails (yes, the Muppets go hiking), and lots (lots!) of songs, including a "Happy Trails" duet between Denver and Miss Piggy. A unique and pleasurable entry in the Muppets canon. ''--Tom Keogh''


Jim Henson
Frank Oz
John Denver
Dave Goelz
Steve Whitmire

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