: : : Joe Satriani: The Satch Tapes

Joe Satriani: The Satch Tapes

===Story=== This home video, The Satch Tapes, explores Joe's up and coming days and provides a look into the development of a committed artist. While Joe talks candidly about the ups and downs of "making it" in the music business, The Satch Tapes presents a rare opportunity to get to know the reserved artist through his anecdotes on life and music. The continual thread running throughout this home video is Joe and his guitar as we're led behind the scenes into the studio with Gregg and Matt Bissonette, working with mega-producer Andy Johns recording The Extremist, on tour with the Flying in a Blue Dream band, and some really cool historical footage. Go back in time with music videos from Surfing with the Alien and Flying in A Blue Dream. See unreleased footage from The Extremist as well as never before available concert performances. Get the real scoop from some of Joe's closest friends, including his high school pal and former student Steve Vai and legendary axeman Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap. Joe may be responsible for jump-starting the guitar hero image but he shrugs off the stereotype. Rather, he believes heroics stem from being human and honest in your art. In essence, it's his passionate approach to making music which has garnered him the widespread respect and admiration of fans, critics and fellow musicians alike. Joe Satriani, world class guitar player and musical talent of the highest order.
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