===Story=== The third film in the successful JAWS franchise follows yet another great white shark with a taste for humans, this time invading the opening ceremonies of a marine park in Florida. The brand new complex offers visitors the chance to view the undersea kingdom from the safety of glass tunnels on the seabed. When a 35-foot great white breaks into the structure--seemingly in revenge for the death of its progeny--a group of marine biologists must do battle with the mighty mother beast. ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen


Dennis QuaidMike Brody
Bess ArmstrongDr. Kathryn 'Kay' Morgan
Simon MacCorkindalePhilip FitzRoyce
Louis Gossett Jr.Calvin Bouchard
John PutchSean Brody
Lea ThompsonKelly Ann Bukowski
P.H. MoriartyJack Tate
Rich ValliereLeonard Glass
Alonzo WardFred

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