===Story=== The student explorers, led by Archaeology Professor Lowe (Jonathan Potts) and their tech-droid KAY-EM 14 (Lisa Ryder) enter the ancient underground remains of the Crystal Lake Research Facility. There, they make a major archaeological discovery: two frozen ancestors – a beautiful young woman and a large man wearing a strange mask. There's only one problem: the auto-regeneration procedure has somehow been triggered. The frozen cryo-jell is melting like a block of ice and soon the two bodies will thaw and deteriorate! With time running out, the young explorers return to their starship and blast-off for Earth II, where they are surprisingly able to revive Rowan, the young woman. But very soon, these students will come face-to-face with a shocking, totally new form of evil as Jason comes back to life as well and begins to silently stalk them through the corridors of the spacecraft. ===DVD Features=== *Commentary by director Jim Isaac, Writer Todd Farmer, and Producer Noel Cunningham *Theatrical trailer(s) *Original documentary: The Many Lives of Jason Voorhees *Original documentary: By Any Means Necessary: The Making of Jason X *Jump to a Death Feature *Widescreen anamorphic format


Kane HodderJason Voorhees/Uber-Jason
Jeff GeddisJohnson
Lexa DoigRowan
David CronenbergDr. Wimmer
Jonathan PottsProfessor Lowe
Lisa RyderKay-Em 14
Dov TiefenbachAzrael
Chuck CampbellTsunaron
Boyd BanksFat Lou
Barna MoriczKicker
Dylan BierkBriggs
Todd FarmerDallas
Peter MensahSgt. Brodski

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One would think that after movies like Scream skewered horror movies, old school...

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