: : : It's My Party
===Story=== Director Randal Kleiser is so noted for featherweight fare like ''The Blue Lagoon'' and ''Grease'' that when ''It's My Party'' hit theaters in 1996, critics clapped while filmgoers turned fickle. But it's a potent and tear-jerking film if only because of the personal weight it bears. As Kleiser revealed in interviews at the time of the film's release, the event that made him sit down and write the film "was so powerful it became a turning point in my life," and this film is a fictionalized, heartfelt depiction of that event. ''It's My Party'' is about Nick (Eric Roberts) a young gay man whose AIDS symptoms become life threatening. He decides to toss a final party before he ends his life and invites his friends and family to this most special of special occasions. But then the ex-love of his life--a Kleiser-like film director (Gregory Harrison) who bailed on him after he was diagnosed with AIDS--arrives. Kleiser called in favors from his friends and they all worked for scale. He said he "never worked on a set that was so supportive." The result is a movie about AIDS that merits a second look not only because it is empathic and loving, but because it's also defined by Kleiser's honesty and self-critical desire for redemption. ''--Paula Nechak'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen *Dolby


Margaret ChoCharlene Lee
Bruce DavisonRodney Bingham
Lee GrantAmalia Stark
Devon GummersallAndrew Bingham
Gregory HarrisonBrandon Theis
Marlee MatlinDaphne Stark
Roddy McDowallDamian Knowles
Olivia Newton-JohnLina Bingham
Bronson PinchotMonty Tipton
George SegalPaul Stark
Eric RobertsNick Stark
Steve AntinZack Phillips
Christopher AtkinsJack Allen
Dennis ChristopherDouglas Reedy
Ron GlassDr. David Wahl
Lou LiberatoreJoel Ferris
Victor LoveMatt Paulson
Peter MurnikGreg King
Felix PireSoli Real
Joel PolisTim Bergen
Sally KellermanSara Hart
Eugene Robert GlazerJim Bixby
Greg LouganisDan Zuma

  • Genre: Drama Movies
  • Director: Randal Kleiser
  • Producer: MGM/UA
  • Length: 110 min
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaMar 22, 1996
  • Ratings
    North AmericaR
  • DVD Release
    North AmericaJun 3, 2003
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