: : : It's Easier for a Camel
===Story=== Federica is rich, too rich. This privilege imprisons her and stops her from dealing with daily life like a real adult. Her boyfriend is ready to start a family. Her former lover unexpectedly shows up. Her family is disconnected from normal, everyday life. Their conflictual relationship is further destabilized by the death of her father. Overwhelmed by her approaching inheritance, by her tangled relationships with those around her and by the weight of a haunting guilt, Federica seeks comfort in the imaginary. Wide-awake dreams where reality becomes perfect and wondeful...


Chiara Mastroianni
Jean-Hugues Anglade
Yvan Attal
Lambert Wilson
Valeria Bruni Tedeschi
Denis Podalydès
Marysa Borini
Roberto Herlitzka
Pascal Bongard
Nicolas Briançon
Emmanuelle Devos
Karine Silla
Alma Samel
Uta Samel
Victor Nebbiolo

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