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The patient signs his name backwards...


Another Korean horror film (I appear to be developing a taste for them), Into the Mirror begins with a series of grisly murders. They are first thought to be suicides, but the finishing blow was struck with the opposite hand - in other words, the left-handed person died from a blow more easily made by a right-handed person, and vice versa. Wu Young-min is a former policeman, now working as head of security at the department store where the deaths take place, and he begins to discover some disturbing things as he tries to get to the bottom of the strange deaths.

The film is mysterious and intriguing. You literally cannot stop watching, or at least I couldn't. However, I appear to be becoming desensitized to such films - this didn't scare me nearly as much as some others, although in theory, it should have. That's not necessarily a bad thing - I tend to have fairly bad nightmares with some films. This was just scary enough to be fun without making it too difficult to get to sleep afterwards. The ending was surprising, leaving both my sister and I stunned (you hardly thought I watched horror films alone, did you?).

In summary, the idea behind the film is fantastic, the actors are amazing (although, to be honest, it's difficult to tell how well a line is delivered when it's in a language you don't speak), and the film has a good pace. It's a little longer than average, but you barely notice. It's slicker than a lot of Asian films, although that may just be the larger budget - in some parts, it reminded me far more of an American film, in style. It's a worthy addition to any horror fan's DVD collection.

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